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The city is one of humanity’s greatest creations, a space where any and every kind of person can come together to create something bigger.  Unfortunately, today, too many cities are being bought out by large developers and corporate interests instead of the individuals who have made cities what they are.

Our Livable City is a coalition of real estate professionals who want to work to make cities livable for individuals and families.  We want to see cities that are thriving, engaged, diverse, vibrant, and beautiful. Cities with good transportation options, diverse housing stock and infrastructure that allows for healthy living.

We believe the realization of this vision begins with the individual, and thus we work to educate them about how they can find and afford the home or building that is right for them, fulfills their vision and dreams and ultimately allows them, and the city around them, to become a more engaging, unique, personalized – and livable – place.

Meet the Team

Lynn Reidl - Our Livable City

Lynn Reidl
Broker Associate
Dream Town Realty 

Lynn Reidl has been working with buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants and small businesses for over 16 years. She is a top-producing broker working as an associate with Dream Town Realty. She has masters education in Urban Planning & Community Development which gives her a better ability to advocate for her clients in a pragmatic approach. She and her real estate team are dedicated to helping Chicago residents and homeowners through education and providing the most up-to-date information, laws, and industry trends.

John Berger - Our Livable City

John Berger
VP of Mortgage Lending
The Berger/Micek Group
Guaranteed Rate NMLS ID: 680924

John Berger is dedicated to placing you and your needs at the center of everything we do, and that includes sharing our wisdom and expertise. We work with individuals and families to help navigate the home-buying journey. We’re dedicated to providing mortgage resources that can help explain how mortgages work, their various types, and other home-buying insights. We want to help to encourage vibrant urban environments and thriving communities — a place that everyone can call home.

Justine Hausner - Our Livable City

Justine Hausner
Merit Law Group

Justine Hausner started out her law career working at a Chicago boutique law firm specializing in family law, and has worked for many years on the legal team of a Fortune 500 company. She was led to decide she was best suited to helping individuals and families. She considers herself an ‘anti-lawyer’ when it comes to clients. She’s anti-wasting time over billing, big egos, and the old-school firm mentality. Justine understands that we live in a fast-paced world that requires attorneys to be efficient, accessible to their clients, great communicators, and quick-thinking problem solvers — at all times, not just during business hours.

Jeff Kaplan - Household Inspection Team (HIT)

Jeff Kaplan
Founder / President
Household Inspection Team

Household Inspection Team (HIT) is a local Chicago based company serving the Chicagoland property buyers and homeowners for more than 24 years. In order to better serve individuals and families in the buying or selling process, Household Inspection Team highlights the type of issues found in condo, home or multi-unit buildings. The inspectors take time to explain issues and aid in property planning needs. The HIT inspectors are experienced certified professionals who make sure that the purchase or sale of your home is enjoyable and that all clients are completely satisfied.


Interior Design & Staging
nbe designs

Noelle has worked in many design-related fields including marketing, interior design, and home staging. She’s educated and experienced in putting people’s needs first, creating spaces that function well, cater to the human experience, and are affordable based on the individual or family budget. She is an inclusive thinker, diligent designer, and believes in livability. She takes time to listen her clients, the individual or family, to assess their home design needs. Noelle also partners with other real estate professionals to sharpen a home’s appearance to optimize the selling process and earnings more quickly. Both her thoughtful design and service have been instrumental in the successful outcomes for many home transitions.

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Our Livable City aims to fix a system that we see as, currently, flawed.  Through our actions we’re aiming to:

  • Leverage human capital for the individual and allow the economic driver that is the city to work for the people, not just big business interests.
  • Bolster local businesses over chains.
  • Use the power of the group buy:  Cooperative housing and Collaborative business structures.
  • A diverse array of homeowners.  It is not better for a few entities to own half of the city.
  • Keeping communities clean and decluttered.  Encourage walkability.
  • Build and rehab with healthy homes top of mind.
  • Getting involved in politics – TIF money, community development dollars, where is it being spent?
  • Forming Social Enterprise or Not-for-profit organizations to access money for community projects.


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  • Cooperative Living (city and county)
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